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Videos by ZOOM+Care in Seattle. On-Demand no-wait, injury, illness, and well-care visits on Broadway. Rx on-site. Schedule online today! Open weekends and nights.

A Month In The Life Of ZoomCare [HD]

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ZoomCare Guarantee
We strive to be knowledgeable, thorough, respectful, and provide overall, quality healthcare for you and your family. To learn more about the ZoomCare guarantee, watch this video or visit us online at http://www.zoomcare.com.

ZoomCare - How To Zoom
Interested in coming to ZoomCare or just want some more information on how to Zoom? Learn how to schedule an appointment in this video or visit our website at http://www.zoomcare.com to schedule today.

ZoomCare - Providers
ZoomCare offers expert care and friendly service. Learn more about our providers in this video or on our website at http://www.zoomcare.com/doctors

ZoomCare - What We Treat
ZoomCare can help you with all kinds of illnesses, injuries, and even every day check ups. Learn more about what we treat in this video or on our website at http://www.zoomcare.com/services/symptoms.

A Month In The Life Of ZoomCare [HD]

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